Social Security Disability

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Filing for Social Security Disability is often an overwhelming and difficult process. There are many details involved that cannot be overlooked if you want to have the best chance of receiving the benefits that you need. If you are looking to apply for such benefits and need quality legal counsel, look no further than Adams Law Group. For more than two decades, we have assisted Missouri residents in filing claims, appealing denials, and winning fair SSDI benefits for their disability. Call our firm today to schedule a free consultation and start getting answers to all of our Social Security disability questions.

    • What are the eligibility requirements for Social Security disability?
      The Social Security Administration (SSA) is very strict when it comes to accepting claims. In order to receive benefits, you must have suffered an injury, illness, or other form of impairment that prevents you from working in any capacity. This disability must be expected to last for at least one year or result in death and must be a valid impairment such as those on the Listing of Impairments.
    • Who determines whether or not a person is disabled?
      Although your application for disability is originally processed through your local Social Security office, it is actually sent to and reviewed by state agencies known as Disability Determination Services. They receive millions of claims every year that they must get through, which raises the chance of a wrongful denial. If they originally deny your claim, you can request reconsideration and provide them with further evidence of your eligibility.
    • How do I apply for disability?
      The best way to apply is online, though you can do so in person, as well, at your local Social Security office. Detailed paperwork must be completed and you will be required to provide detailed medical records and evaluations to prove the extent of your disability. Otherwise, you may not be considered eligible and your claim will be denied.
    • What happens if my claim is denied?
      Even when your claim is denied, you still have options to fight for a reversal. Appealing a claim involves up to four different steps: reconsideration, administrative hearing, review of administrative decision, and a federal court review. Although the last of these is the only step requiring an attorney, it is extremely helpful to have one present for counsel through the entire process.
    • Can I work while receiving SSDI benefits?
      In some cases, an individual can test their ability to work while still receiving SSDI benefits. The SSA provides incentives in an effort to encourage disabled workers to return to work if they can. They could be granted a nine-month trial work period to see if they can work for a less-than-substantial income. After that, they have 36 more months of work ability with SSD benefits. The moment they begin making more than the standard for "substantial" income, the benefits will stop, but they have a five-year period where they can request immediate continuation of benefits if they end up unable to work after all.
    • Why do I need a lawyer?
      Whether you need to file a claim, appeal a denial, or simply are looking for answers, a Missouri Social Security disability attorney will have the professional experience and knowledge to help. You should never attempt to face these processes alone, so find legal assistance today by calling Adams Law Group.