In an effort to save the environment and make the process a little bit quicker, Social Security will go paperless on March 1st, according to the Daily Journal Online. Reports say that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will no longer allow people the option of receiving a paper check. Instead, they will be e-mailing all paperwork and forms to recipients. Shockingly, the decision to go paperless has not met much opposition by affected parties. At the Park Hills Senior Center, reporters conducted a survey only to find that these elderly individuals welcome the chance. The seniors say that the decision to stop snail mail will be excellent for security issues. According to the seniors, it is easier to deal with direct deposits and eliminates the need to go to the bank.

According to a miler that was sent to by the SSA to all recipients, anyone who wants to continue receiving their SSA benefits will need to switch to electronic payments by March 2013. The money can be sent directly to the recipients bank account, or beneficiaries can choose to have a Direct Express debit MasterCard which will carry the payments. Some recipients say that having digital payments will be helpful because the money will come in a few days earlier. Instead of waiting for a check to arrive in the mail, beneficiaries will simply check their balance and note that it has gone up significantly. While the Social Security Administration already offers the digital deposit offer, they still mail out about 5 million checks per month to beneficiaries all throughout the United States.

The Treasury Department is urging Social Security to switch to direct deposit as soon as possible in order to persevere the money that it takes to produce these checks. Beneficiaries will need to have their Social Security number and their 12-digit check number as well as the amount of their most recent federal benefit check and their account and routing numbers in order to make the switch. The commissioner fo the Treasury Department’s Financial Management Service says that electronic payment is not optional. Instead, it will be a federal law.

Already, 93 percent of all payments are being made electronically. The switch will save American taxpayers over $1 billion in the next 10 years because it eliminates the costs of printing. If you want more information about this switch, or if you are currently trying to obtain Social Security Disability Insurance and have not been successful in doing so, then you need to contact an attorney at the Adams Law Group for assistance. The Missouri SSDI attorneys at this firm will help you to seek the compensation you deserve and battle any difficulties that you may encounter with the SSA.